Hello friends, Why do I publish this article even though there are quite a lot of online tutorials and detailed instructions on how to create a blog/website on WordPress?


Blog/website now very much you learn with the desire to make money online, Affiliate Marketing or business, make an online shop, make news site,…

In this article, I will guide you on how to create a WordPress website for the most detailed online money making.

1. Why should you choose WordPress?

You don’t need to know the code, as well as programming depth, you can create websites with WordPress easily. WordPress is an open source CMS used by many people around the world because its easy to use and has many useful features. WordPress supports users to create different types of websites such as blogs, news/magazine websites, business introduction, sales, e-commerce, etc. Of course, if you know the coding or programming, it is better because WordPress has a very strong source code for you to apply unlimited skills.

Advantages of WordPress:

  • WordPress is open source and completely free.
  • Easy to use. WordPress was developed to serve the general public, not much knowledge about advanced website programming.
  • Very Large support community.
  • Easy to install, WordPress installation is very simple and does not take much of your time.
  • Themes and plugins for WordPress extremely rich.

2. Basics of Blogs, Websites

There are a lot of concepts that you need to know, but I know that you are new, so you only need to understand the following concepts:

  • WordPress: open source CMS, you can develop your websites on this platform.
  • Web Hosting: the place to store all data (WordPress directories, images, blog posts, etc.) for your blog/website. If your website is a house then hosting is a land. You have to buy new hosting to install WordPress, also free hosting is available but it is very limited and runs slowly, unstable, should not be used.
  • Domain: Domain name is the address of the blog, ending with .com, .net, .org,…
  • Theme: A theme is a folder containing the entire interface design of your blog/website.
  • Plugin: Plugin is used to add an essential feature to the website that WordPress does not support by default.

3. Minimum cost to creating WordPress website

The cost of creating a WordPress blog/website is the first factor you need to consider. Often, the cost to create and maintain a WordPress blog/website includes the following components:

  • Domain  + attached service if needed (SSL, Whois Privacy, Domain Mail ).
  • Hosting ( Shared Hosting or VPS ).
  • Theme.
  • Plugin.

You can hire a WordPress website design service from a third party. Or you can build a basic WordPress site yourself.

With a basic blog site, you only need to care about the price of the domain name + hosting price, which is the two required expenses to create a professional blog.

I estimate the cost for the first year:

  • Domain : ~  $12 / year . For example, I bought the domain name at godaddy for $12 for the .com domain name and the next year renewal price is $ 19.99 / year. Not too expensive, right! Especially if there is an accompanying discount code.
  • Hosting : ~  $15 ~ $ 50 / year . Shared hosting prices between some reputable providers are not much different.
    => Total cost for you to own a blog / WordPress website = $30  ~ $100 / year.

Other costs you need to consider in case your blog thrives. Later, if your blog grows, then you must buy a higher hosting package. You can buy a hosting package to make a website or make many websites. I recommend choosing a hosting package for many websites because you will likely create many websites later.

4. Prepare before creating a WordPress website

You need to prepare:

  • Email address, use Gmail for online payment and create WordPress.
  • PayPal account or International Visa /MasterCard and have money in your account.
  • Personal phone number, ID card.

5. Instructions for creating WordPress Blog

Steps to create a blog, WordPress website:

  • Buy domain names
  • Buy hosting
  • Point the domain name to hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install theme + plugin


Buying a domain name is an important first step to starting a blog. You can buy domain names from local or international suppliers. Domain prices are now quite cheap with lots of discount codes that will help you save significant costs. For example, I bought the domain name “mylassbug.com”  at Namecheap for $ 8.88 and got a discount.


You should choose to buy hosting at reputable Hosting providers to ensure quality service, stable speed, good support, reasonable price. Investing in hosting is absolutely right because you cannot compete with other competitors when they choose to pay the fee and you choose to be free, so it is completely not good at all.


Your website only runs when domain and hosting are connected, to do this you must:

  • Point IP or DNS from the domain to the host
  • Add domain to host

1. Point the domain to hosting

After successful hosting registration, you receive an email from your host provider about account information and including DNS. You need to remember Nameserver, as you are:

  • ns1.yourhost.com
  • ns2.hawkhost.com

Now login to your cPanel and change the password at will. First, visit the domain admin page. In the Domain Manager section, select the domain name to point to, go to Name Servers and click Change. then click Submit. That’s it, your domain name will automatically update DNS in a few minutes. Once you use the Nameserver to point the domain name to hosting, managing  DNS records will no longer be done at the domain name provider but will be transferred to the hosting provider.

2. Add domain to host

if you register your host and domain from the same provider you will not need to add, it will automatically set up as your primary domain for your hosting. Now You can immediately jump to the WordPress website creation section. In case you buy a domain from another provider then login to your Cpanel and go to addon domains and enter the domain name in the first line, the following two lines will automatically fill. Every time you make a new website, you have to buy a new domain and  link hosting and domain together .


After the domain and hosting are connected, you can start building the website.

You can create a website on WordPress platform so you have to install this CMS on the website first, this installation can be done in 2 ways:

  • Automatic installation : most hosting has an automatic WordPress installation section and you just need to install it in a few easy steps.
  • Manual installation: You can also install WordPress manually with Filezilla FTP or similar software

In cPanel, go to SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER => select WordPress to install this CMS for your website. Click  Install Now to install.

You will select and fill in some information, there are some important notes:

  • Choose Protocol:  select http://
  • Choose Domain:  select the domain that you want to install WordPress.
  • In Directory:  delete “wp” to install WordPress in the domain root directory, if not deleted, then your blog link will be “https://earningsways.com/wp” rather than https://earningsways.com.
  • Site Setting  can be edited later, so it can be filled out or not filled out.
  • Admin Account :  enter the website admin username and password.
  • Language:  should use English.

The other items you leave are fine.

Scroll down and click the Install button. You wait a moment for the installation to take place. Here you have finished installing the WordPress website. From now on, you use the admin page link to login to the website with the user and password created above.

If you encounter any errors in the process of creating WordPress, please contact us directly or leave a comment. Good luck!


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