MMO stands for Make Money Online , also known as making money online , making money online, speaking is simple, but it is not as simple as the phrase above. Almost no one knows when MMO started and which website pay and which not.

MMO is a very good job to help those who want to earn a little extra income to cover costs because they do not require high qualifications.

What is MMO?

MMO stands from ” M ake M oney O nline” aka make money online. This is the job you use a computer or phone (mostly computers) that has an Internet connection todo the work in the end to earn money.

Making money online at home is absolutely true, many large and small companies will pay you if you do something that benefits their online marketing or become partners with them, no matter what you are Whoever has a degree, if you can afford it, you can. Here are 2 very simple examples of MMO:

  • When you place Google ads on your website and have readers click on ads, Google Adsense will pay you.
  • You can find and sell products in the form of affiliate marketing on Clickbank, when someone buys through your separate link, you will get a very high commission.

There are many reputable MMO website, but there are no ludicrous, idiotic forms, and you earn very little, even tricked. Please make the right choice when deciding to make money online, in the later part of this article, I will show you what work should be involved and what work should not be involved. But first, find out when you get the money, how will you get it?

MMO Difficult or Easy?


  • For those who are highly educated, not afraid of difficulties, persistently pursue
  • Just sit at home working, comfortable on time and no one is forced


  • MMO are a diverse world of good people, bad guys, but most of them are stalking cheats to deceive your efforts. The most important thing is that you have to know to avoid (this can be considered the most difficult thing when joining MMO)
  • In order for you to achieve the desired number, you must invest a lot of time and effort to explore and learn to draw work experience. Because nothing automatically comes to you

How to get money from MMO?

There are many online payment gateways. When you earn money online, it will return to the accounts at these payment gateways, then you can withdraw to your bank account. I will give 2 most popular and prestigious payment gateways:

  • Payoneer: Established in 2005, in recent years, Payoneer has continuously satisfied countless customers when cooperating, linking with many networks related to online jobs, affiliate marketing, reputable online money worldwide… The extremely big utility is when using Payoneer, you will be granted 1 Mastercard card attached to your account and can withdraw cash at ATM near your home.
  • Paypal: Founded in 1998, Paypal is being trusted by people all over the world, when you make an MMO you can transfer money from the network here, then connect your bank card to your Paypal account, withdrawal order will be returned after 2-4 working days. Paypal is known for its high level of security, many convenient utilities for buying and selling, worldwide popularity. To use Paypal is very simple, you can go to to register an account and start using it for free, you only have to pay when selling goods using Paypal payment gateway or withdrawing money to banks.

What is the income level?

All MMO jobs have different levels of difficulty – easy, simple – complex, so the amount you receive will be different. Income from MMO is not fixed and depends on your effort, personal experience and luck.

Your income can range from $5 – $10 / month or up to several thousand / month . It is important that no one pushes you to do anything, when to do it, all by yourself.

MMO Methods

There are many methods of MMO, so you should consider carefully the ability, credibility, and long-term of those method, below I will introduce you to some methods to participate:

1. Make money by developing websites

This is the most popular form of making money online, with website development you can get many different ways of MMO such as:

  • Place ads from networks: Example Google Adsense, Chitika, PropellerAds, … or contract ads between you and the ad buyer. If you have good visits, many people will contact you.
  • Selling other people’s products for affiliate marketing: This is very popular MMO method because you do not need to make products to sell but just promote other people’s products with a very high commission High, even 100% commission
  • Sell ​​your own products: You can make websites, relevant content about products you have and navigate readers to buy your own products.

2. Make Money Online By Blogging

Now if you think Blog is just a place to express your feelings, there is more than that, with the development of modern technology, when everyone wants to find information on the internet so quickly and effectively. This is also the time when you can make money at home through your blog.

To get that money online blog must be a building process, must be grounded, focus on a key content topic that is currently concerned to attract the most readers such as tech, health, music, painting, travel experiences, shopping… If your blog has good content, readers believe in content and often access, you can place ads, advertize products on Blog or ads Banner to advertise … make money. If you have writing skills, you can write articles and sell it on fiverr.

Make money online through Blog with HOT content, stable visitor numbers suitable for many young people

3. Make money with Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned above, an affiliate is very potent and can give you a huge income. You don’t need to have the skills to create products that you can promote other people’s products. Here are some TYPES OF TYPICAL MMOs that belong to affiliate marketing that you recommend to join.

  • Product Related Website: It is a difficult method but can bring a great income. That means you will make a website in a certain niche and then sell affiliate products related to that niche. Amazon is a place where many people often choose to make money with Niche site because it is almost “all kinds of products”.
  • Make Money with own Products: You can start with this method to get the skills to do web, select the product, how to promote, how initial basic SEO knowledge to the core.
  • Making money with Authority Site: As a more advanced form of a Niche site, meaning niche site is difficult, this form is even more difficult (but depending on the niche). This is the way you make a website specializing in a certain area (eg cooking, beauty, gardening, tech, etc.) and selling related products. There are many people who have successfully built the Authority Site to make money with Clickbank.

Along with making a website, affiliate marketing is a form of MMO that you recommend to pursue, but to make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing is not easy, so I recommend you research thoroughly about affiliate marketing before embark on making money in this category.

4. Freelance

Freelance is understood in the sense of working freely. Individuals operating in this field are referred to by Freelancer nouns ( freelance workers), to refer to those who work in an autonomous manner, without restrictions on rules, environment, location and working time.

That is, with a computer with an internet connection + with your own skills, then you provide services to other people who want to hire you to work.

The current popular jobs that freelancers often participate in are:

  • Provide content such as translation/writin
  • Graphic design
  • Make video
  • Provide SEO services (search engine optimization)
  • Designing, installing websites, blogs,
  • Progra
  • Optimize social network ads, Google AdWords …
  • Fanpage management, groups

Some websites you can join and start becoming a foreign freelancer are:

In the form of making money online at home by becoming a freelancer, but quite free and comfortable, it still requires participants to have a really professional working style, and some special skills to provide services. Best for customers. Only then can you make sustainable money and increase your income even better.

5. Make money with selling T-shirts – Tshirt Business

This form of MMO is only for people who have enough money, at least $200 or more. Your first job is to design images that can be attached to a shirt (this step is mostly rented if you don’t know the design). Many websites allow you to upload photos and attach them to a plain shirt, set a price, and you will wear promotional gowns, websites are companies that will take over the shirt and ship them to customers.

sell t-shirts online

The market you are targeting is the US and EU countries because these countries have strong growth in payment, online shopping and when buying T-shirts, they often wear shirts that bring pride, showing affection. their charm. There are many websites with this kind of business, the most prominent are Teespring, Viralstyle, Fabrily, Sunfrogshirt.

6. Make Money Online From Youtube

Youtube is a social network created from Google, this is considered one of the social networks with the largest traffic today, because of the increasing demand for entertainment, listening to music, watching videos, because of that via youtube you can make money online easily.

When you become a Partner of Business Entrepreneurs they will place ads on your videos, the ads will be placed in the right column when watching videos, each click will be divided by the advertiser. for you.

Making money online on Youtube is very rich, as long as you have creativity, making money is extremely simple.

7. High-yield investment program (HYIP)

  • You do not have to do anything if you participate in this field, all you do is invest the money you have on a website about HYIP and wait for the daily profit sharing from 1 to 2%
  • The profit is too high, so there are many potential risks, maybe when you invest money today, the next day the Website is no longer active, simply saying you have been cheated.

Low level MMO Fields

In addition to the form of prestigious MMO, so participating in the above mentioned, there are many other ways that you will meet later, but I recommend to stay away. Most of these forms do not require high skill, but the level of risk is quite large and earn very little money.


Many websites will pay you when you click on ads. This method is very popular, you may later see a lot of people doing and inviting you to do it. Making money with it is real, but earning with it is very little ($ 0.0x per click and 1 day it only gives you a few dozen clicks). If you want to earn more to upgrade your account and hire ref to click for you, payback after a few months, sometimes lose it because many website is scams.

In additional, you have to recruit subordinates (such as multi-level) to register via your link, upgrade membership and do the same as you, you will get a commission. This is the reason that you will see a lot of other people introduce about PTC only for the purpose of finding subscribers through the link. If you encounter these situations, stay away.

2. PTU (PAID TO UPLOAD) – Make money by uploading documents

This is the way you share documents (any doc, media, etc) on networks when someone downloads documents you will receive money.

I used to earn money with PTU a little bit, but if I want to earn a lot, share documents related to copyright. But when you share copyright materials, you are violating the law. And networks may also not pay you when you share copyright infringements.

I played PTU for a short time and realized this problem and I stopped. If you want to find a document sharing website to receive money, think about creating a personal product and then selling it, you can earn a lot more than PTU.

3. Offers

The Offer is a form of pretending to be a foreigner (usually US), with a name, age, personal information such as an address, phone number, and so on, and you also assume an IP address from that country. You then get these FAKE information to register for incentives from websites (Many US websites give money to users who sign up, do surveys, fill out forms, ..)

For me, this is no different than you are cheating on others, and if they find out, your account will be banned and they will not pay the previous money to you.

If someone tells you to make an offer according to the instructions, you should not participate because this is a FAKE form, dishonest, you also earn very little.

4. Surveys / Read promotional emails

Survey is that you will have to sit the survey of companies to receive a few thousand dongs. Reading promotional emails is almost the same, you sign up and open daily emails to read the ads, follow the instructions, …

This is also an MMO but the money you earn is LITTLE, you shouldn’t waste time doing things like this and there are also many fraudulent companies that don’t pay you.


These forms involve securities, if you are new and uninformed, do not choose, otherwise, there is a very high risk.

6. BETTING / GAMBLING – Gambling, online betting

This is not an MMO, but a lot of people want to participate, Betting and Gambling, LOTO play, etc. If you join these websites, it is not a different method to bringing money to gamble in real life, All in all, cheating in real life is to fight against an online system, so be careful, not tempted.

How should I choose?

This is up to your ability, no field is the best and the easiest to make money, its all depends on your adaptation.

  • For example, a person who specializes in PTC , if you do Offers , he cannot earn anything because he feels this environment is not suitable.

You can read the instructions for each field and follow, if you feel you can do it, you should try, because money doesn’t automatically go into your pocket, you have to try it to know yourself can do it Through many attempts like this will help you find the right direction for yourself so you can grow higher.

If your goal is simply to make a lot of money without having to do too much messy things, and consider it as a free time job, Captcha, PTC, PTU is the job you should choose, depending on patience and time. And if you are an avid learner, not only want to make money but also have the ability to manage finance, a sharp mind, Forex, Blogging and Cryptocurrency is a place for you to cultivate your investment skills.

Things to void when participating in MMO?

Should learn carefully before you should join a certain site to know where is the Site Scam , where is the prestigious Site by the method of searching on Google, consult and evaluate the previous ones: Rules, Paid , … Not the majority always right, depending on your decision:

So if you want to be an invester at the beginning, you need to be cautious, but if you just make money, you don’t need to pay too much attention, just check if it pays enough for the member. whether or not it is through Google with the keyword “abc phishing page etc”

Besides, you should also choose to work for the Site may Minpay (the minimum amount required to pay) at a low level to soon receive the fruits of labor:

  • $1 – $3 for areas such as: PTC , Captcha
  • Other areas may be higher

Also, do not believe the words of the authors of the writings that have headlines like “Make a thousand dollars a month with ABC”, because such statements are only for instance Referrals (people Introduced), because most MMO fields such as those with Downline system , ie those introduced to the Website make money, the referrals will have more income, which is why they post such articles so that you arise desire and plunge into.


You already know what MMOs are, what types of MMOs should and should not be involved, so consider carefully before taking any form of online money. Wish you success with your online monetization!


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